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Hi guys,

for some time I wasn´t sure, whether to write the following lines or not. At first I didn´like the general idea due to the fact that I just don´like to higlight myself. At the end I decided to do it and I´ll show you the reason.

I´ve been actively and in a more professional way, I think that´s the case, working on both blogs for roughly two months now, to be more conrete since the newest version of and the actual launch of

If you have a closer look at the archives for instance, you´ll easily find out, that I just wrote something in the last months, or even years now, but it all took quite a long time of preparation. This has all changed since September this year.

I just try to write as interesting as possible on both blogs and to present a new mix of various secions. For that is understood to be more a mix of gaming, movies and series, sports (especially football) and interesting youtube videos in general.

So, the spectrum as been widended, and, if there is something very dramatic happening like 13/11, I´ll post another more serious text which is in this case most likely a link to

In general I´d like to transform to an ordinary website being able to tell something new and exciting due to various categories. I do not want to release any news concerning specific games but the really interesting stuff I consider to be of potential addiontal value for me and readers in general.

Furthermore, is something like a real chance for myself to write own op-ed columns and to produce own content, what I like the most, in contrast to ordinary coverage, and to get an insight into my own view.

The same could be said about . Here most topics are more serious and about social and political developments like the general approach to refugees and the so called Syrian conflict.

Well, now I´d like to end the introductory part. Instead, it´s not just giving an overview about the intention and spectrum of both blogs, in contrast I´d like to show some possiblities, if you like it of course, that´s the basic condition, how to support. First of all, I´m not talking about the monetary idea, but especially about general support.

As a reader, if you really liked something specific on both blogs, it would be really great, to do the following things, of course, it´s totally up to you what you´d prefer:

1) Visit both blogs regularly and give feedback

-> you can do so via commentating, PN, e-mail, valuation system (stars beneath respective content) or using the twitch chat

– in general, I´m really interested to gain an insight about the readership and to get in contact with other opinions

– there is always another opinion about one specific movie, series or computer game which often means contrary perceptions

– I´m going to accept all comments as long as there is no kind of discrimnation, suspect political views, spam and flame !

– in general, it would be aweseome, if you could tell other people, if you really liked the content, of course !

2) Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and on YouTube

-> I´m quite active on Twitter (Twitter / Twitter ) -> I just don´t want to think about the number of retweets per day -> it´s just so much fun, so my former dislike about this medium has totally switched to some kind of euphoria

-> I´m not that active on Facebook (Facebook / Facebook, nevertheless every blog post will be linked on Facebook

-> I´m also going to be more active regarding YouTube -> up to now, it´s mostly some kind of exporting highlighted VoDs of my stream on twitch -> perhaps I´m going to concentrate even more on YouTube

3) If you´d also like to support me on monetary level, you could do the following

-> just use my Amazon Ref Link to let Amazon know the referred website -> after that, you´re able to buy all products you desire, it´s totally up to you -> in general, the link doesn´t only refer to one specific product but to both sites of mine

-> if you don´t like that way, you could make a Donation (donation button)

-> furthermore, it´s possible to become my “patron” on Patreon -> this roughly means 1 Euro per month (some kind of subscription model)

Generally, I´d like to underline that I´m not primarily focused on earning as much money as possible. Everyone who knows me for some quite time now, will easily understand what I´m talking about. Instead, I´d like to promote my websites a bit to become even more famous.

Even if this sounds a bit strange, my motivation steadily increases and I like to write very passionately. For that, it would be great, if you realized this passion of mine, if you could accompany my journey.

Regards Tobias and

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