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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Content Patch I – An impressive start of a long journey

Hello everyone,

this is quite a unique video of this channel. I usually produce all my videos in German, but this time I personally want it to be offered a even wider audience.

Content Patch I is so important for the development process of the entire game. It´s just a starting point, we all get this, but it´s also a very clear sign of the studio, they really try to make it big.

What I really like about this game and why I was so wrong in one of my videos at the end of last year, that´s all in this video.

Have fun and please keep in mind that this statement is no pre-recording based on a special script, it´s all me, even with some issues involved.

Intro Song: Peter Roe – This is My World (permit to use it)

source (picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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