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KensGamingSpot on Twitch – This dude should become a partner streamer, no matter what

Hi guys,

it´s been quite a long time since my last „support“ blog post. On Twitch there is a variety of streamers and I just know very few of them. I personally don´t care, how many viewers some streamers usually have, or not, I just like to be entertained and have a good time.

To me streaming is about the streamers and their communities, but also about the games. So I´m not such a fan of Ego Shooter games or RTS games and stuff like that, for instance, but my favorite genres are Action RPGs and MMOs.

Back in the past, just for a few days, I did stream Grim Dawn a bit, and there was this host of Ken. He didn´t care, whether I had a lot of views or followers, he just hosted me and said hi. I was a bit confused, because this is not the kind of behavior of a lot streamers in our times today. This impressed me a lot, so I just tried to say thank you via hosting, following on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and so on. So, if you will, that´s how I became part of his community.

It´s not that easy to follow every streamer a lot, I try to check out my favorite streamers from time to time, most of the time I just watch on my cell phone (lurking everyone ?!). Regarding Ken´s stream I did show up a lot, even if it was just to say hello and show him a bit of support.

KensGamingSpot on Twitch

KensGamingSpot on YouTube

KensGamingSpot on Twitter

Right now. while I´m writing this „support“ blog post, he´s streaming actually. It´s Minecraft Dungeons, a bit of a strange Action RPG but he really cares about it and his commmunity loves watching him play and is just listeining to great music on stream. Ken´s been trying to get onto this partner route for such a long time now, and he doesn´t give up. It´s not his first attempt to be seen as worthy on Twitch sides.

These days the world seems to get into trouble a lot, and I really care about current developments, see my podcast about racism topic in the world right now („Tobi quasselt“ #128, but just in German language), but we also need these good feelings. We sometimes just want to hang out, play a bit while watching streams in the background. Ken is one of these streamers, who really deserve to make it on Twitch, because he´s not talking about money, subscriptions or donation goals, he just likes to entertain people around the world. As a professional streamer you also need to be able to pay your bills each month, so it´s also about the financial aspect.

So, if you like Twitch as me and you´re looking for nice and competent streamers out there, plase check him out. Just say hello in chat and enjoy your stay. You do not have to pay a subscription or donate, you can just lent him your view on his way to become a more a professional streamer, even regarding Twitch´s requirements. To me he´s been this kind of a professional one since a very long time.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Tobi

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