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Path of Exile (PoE) – Icicle Mine Build (3.10 SSF SC) (guest blog post by Syrion)

Welcome Exiles, to my Icicle Mine Build, which I was playing in 3.10 SSF SC.

I played since multiple Leagues Mine Builds and now I made this build, based on my experience in SSF Delirium League.  I try to keep my builds informative as much as possible, but easy to understand for new Exiles. This is just the start of a collection of Guides, with a Focus on League Starters, especially SSF.  The link will be updated as soon I have access and the time to do it, also feel free to help me improve the cornerstones as Items/Pathing on the Tree/Gem links.

Note to Patch 3.11:

The crit multiplier changes, won’t affect the build as much as it looks, it will stay a  solid League Starter for 3.11. Path of Building is up to date with the Community Fork version. 

Art by  https://alysartistree.weebly.com/

Pros & Cons

+ League starter & SSF (Solo Self-Found)

Not Gear dependent

+ All map mods

You can do all Types of Maps incl Reflect or Temporal Chains (but it doesn’t feel good)

+ Easy to gear

 Icicle mines is a spell-based skill and not gear dependent,  icicle mines also benefit from a wide variety of stats.

+ Safe and easy to play

Icicle mines are projectile-based. You don’t need to go near any monsters just to kill them, you can stay a safe range from the monsters to kill them.

+ No Need for Cast Speed

Mines do not need cast speed, the speed for laying mines is fast enough so you won’t need as many mines laying speed for it to feel good.

– Mine playstyle

Like with Totems, not everyone’s „piece of cake“

– Not the strongest mine skill

There are Better Mine Skills out there.

– No life/mana leech

You will be relying on life and mana regeneration or flasks for recovery because mines cannot leech.

Why Saboteur? and not Deadeye (Ranger)

SSF and League start for following Reasons for Saboteur:

Early game damage & survivability

no real Gear requirement

has early access to Icicle mines

access to nodes icicle mines nee

Path of Building

You can import the build using Path of Building:

Download it here: https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases

Click on the Import/Export Build button in the top left

Click Import from Pastebin

Paste the Pastebin link in the description into the dialogue https://pastebin.com/DqcNuSU1

Click Import

Click Import again to import the build



Spell damage

Increase global critical strike chance / critical strike chance for spells

Increase global critical strike multiplier

Adds # to # cold damage to spells

Cold as extra chaos


+ to max life




Heartbreaker Royal Skean (Weapon)

“Jack in the Box” divination card
The Harbour Bridge if you don’t go for a Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa (Body)

“Humility” or “Vanity” divination card

The Blood Aqueduct,

Skill gems


Slot: Body Armour

Icicle Mine 20/20

Trap and Mine Damage 20/20

Swift Assembly 20/20

Chain 20/0

Charged Mines 20/20

Cold Penetration 20/20


Slot: Body Armour

Icicle Mine 20/20

Trap and Mine Damage 20/20

Swift Assembly 20/20

Hypothermia 20/20

Charged Mines 20/20

Cold Penetration 20/20

Boss II

Slot: Helmet

Lightning Spire Trap 20/0

Elemental Focus 20/20

Controlled Destruction 20/20

Lightning Penetration 20/20


Orb of Storms 20/20

Curse On Hit 20/0

Projectile Weakness 16/0

Culling Strike 20/20


Slot: Weapon 1

Flame Dash 20/0

Smoke Mine 20/0

Second Wind 20/0 or Enhance 3/0


Slot: Weapon 2

Cast when Damage Taken 17/0

Steelskin 19/0

Detonate Mines 1/0

Damage Boost

Frost Bomb 20/0

Arcane Surge 3/0


Summon Skitterbots 20/0


Act 1

Tarkleigh Reward: Stormblast mine

Nessa: check fo 3 Link wand (stats don’t matter) with blue-green-green/ blue-green-blue

Tidal Island Quest: Quicksilver Flask & swift assembly support

Nessa: buy Orb of Storms + Frostbomb

Lower Prison: Added lighting Damage

Brutus: Flame Dash

The Cavern of Wrath Waypoint: Icicle Mines

Crafting recipe (sell these items to vendor )

wand + (blue / yellow) chain belt + blacksmith’s whetstone

= increase spell damage

wand + (topaz / sapphire) ring + orb of alteration

= add (lightning / cold) to spells

iron ring + any blue or green gem

= topaz (blue gem) / sapphire (green gem) ring

No Shield or Body Armour (reduced Movement speed)

-Setup End of Act 1-

orb of Storms – Added lightning – onslaught (over scion or random drop)

Icicle mine/Stormblast mine – Swift Assembly

Flame dash

Frost bomb

Act 2:

Yenna: The Great White Beast Quest Reward: Silver Flask

After Champer of Sin 2: Skitterbots Gem

Western forest (Don’t kill Alira)

Sharp and Cruel Quest: Trap and Mine damage or Elemental Focus

Optional: Trap and Mine Damage Buy: Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus for 2nd weapon slot  (X keybind)  for later use in Lithingspire Trap

!!The Caverns (near the Waypoint) Movement speed Craft (2 augmentation orbs)!!

-Setup End of Act 2-

orb of Storms – Added lightning – onslaught (over scion or random drop)

Icicle mine/Stormblast mine – Swift Assembly – Trap and mine damage

Flame dash

Frost bomb

Smoke mine (option for mobility)

Summon Skitterbots

Act 3:

Lost in Love Quest: Nothing useful

Sever the right-hand Quest:  Lightning spire trap,

Change Setup to Lightning spire trap + Added lighting dmg + Elemental Focus + Controlled destruction (if you don’t have 4 linked Blue, 3 B 1G use trap and Mine damage)

Keep Frostbomb  2nd Weaponslot

-Setup End of Act 3-

Lightning spire trap – Added lighting dmg -Elemental Focus – Controlled destruction

orb of Storms – onslaught (over scion or random drop or Quest in the Library)

Flame dash

Smoke mine (option for mobility)

Summon Skitterbots (Blasphemy + Enfeeble optional)



Icicle Mines

Act 4:

No Golems Needed

Dialla (City) After Entering Belly of the Beast: Chain support

Start to use a Bodyarmor

Act 5-10

Not Much here to say, After you Do Lilys Side Quest you should buy the remaining Gems for later.

After Reaching Act 6 you Should go to your hideout and try to craft Elemental resistances on all of your gear if not already.


1st Lab: Bomb Specialist

Place mines faster and detonate faster, increasing clear speed. Mines AoE doesn’t have an effect on Icicle Mines.

2nd Lab: Demolitions Specialist

Hinder is reducing enemy movement speed by 40%, allows the Lightning Spire Trap to hit the enemy and reduce their movement.

3rd Lab: Explosives Expert

 Skitterbots, benefit from 80% increase crit chance and elemental penetration because of Skitterbots both chill and freeze.

4th Lab: Pyromaniac

Immune to ignite and shock, no need of a ignite and shock immune flasks. Additionally, life regen and reduce mana cost.

Major gods


Soul of Lunaris (act 8 final boss)

physical damage reduction,  upgraded > additional defense to projectile dodge.

Minor gods


Soul of Gruthkul (act 7 side quest)

physical reduction and reduced enemy attack speed when hit

Soul of Garukhan (act 9 side quest)

upgrade version additional movement speed to clear maps faster

Thanks to Syrion for this awesome blog post for upcoming PoE league !

source (Bild ; free accessible):pixabay

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