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Ny´alotha, The Waking City – Raid Guide – Notes (Exorsus Raid Tools) (based on original wowhead post)

Last updated on 12. Juni 2020

Hi guys,

after first General Raid Guide, I´d like to share with you my own notes for Exorsus Raid Tools.

Good luck and have fun in the last raid of BfA !

based on source: https://www.wowhead.com/guides/nyalotha-waking-city-raid-overview

Ny´alotha Raid Guide – Notes

General colors (Exorsus Raid Tools)

1 Debuff (Purple)

2 Tank debuff (Paladin)

3 AoE (Red)

4 Melee add (Warrior)

5 Ranged add (Hunter)

6 General (White)

7 Cast (Mage)

8 Stuff to be destroyed (Yellow)

9 Buff (Warlock)

Bosses in Ny´alotha


BL on pull

Normal phase

position the boss with his side to the raid

|cfff38bb9Searing Armor|r (debuff): tank swap at 2 -3 stacks


Incineration|r (debuff): 20 – 30 yards away from the raid

|cff3ec5e9Gale Blast|r (cast): 30+ yards away from the boss / spread 5 yards


|cff3ec5e9Burning Cataclysm|r (cast): get to safe spot ; opposite direction of the boss ; run to the edges (marks)

|cffffff00Crackling Shards|r (pillars)): aoe them down asap

|cffc59a6cAssassins|r (adds): Vision (|cffa22fc8Becia|r) to make them visible (HC only)


|cff3ec5e9Scales of Wrathion |r(cast): |cffc59a6cAgos|r  (left) ; |cffa9d271Calsportal|r (middle) ; |cff006fdcSweggy|r (right


BL on pull

|cfff38bb9Shadow Wounds|r (debuff): tank swap at 2 – 4 stacks


|cffff00ffDevour Magic|r (debuff): move away and spread, but not too far

|cffff0000Stygian Annihilation|r (AoE): stand inside |cffff00ffDevoured Abyss|r to not get hit

|cff3ec5e9Dark Manifestation|r (pull-in): run against and kill add asap

|cffc59a6cBlack Wings|r (knock-back): avoid ! (HC only)


stack next to the boss and nuke mana shield to break |cffffff00Obsidian Shatter|r absorb

|cff3ec5e9Forbidden Mana|r (orb): gather asap and bring it to camp

|cffff00ffDrain Essence|r (debuff): get out of the raid asap ; healers only do dispell if raid damage seems fine (HC only)

Prophet Skitra

BL on pull

Normal phase

all stack on boss for AoE healing

|cffff00ffShredded Psyche|r (debuff / add): move out asap (to the opossite side of IoA) and make distance ; get back asap ; everyone wait for |cff3ec5e9Psychich Outburst|r (cast) and burn add right after

|cffffff00Image of Absolution|r (wall): cc them ; kill them off after 30 seconds later on (HC only)


|cff3ec5e9Illusionary Bolts|r (cast): everyone stack together for AoE healing ; use defensive cds if needed

|cffffff00Dark Ritual|r (illusion): wait for call, stack on distinctive add and burst it

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

BL on pull

Normal phase

|cff3ec5e9Torment|r (zone): move out before explosion

|cffc59a6cSoul Flay|r (add): move out from your soul asap

|cff3ec5e9Summon Ritual Obelisk|r (pillar): do not get in contact (damage and slow) (HC only)

Orb phase

direction of orb (marks) will be called ; communicate together !

|cffff00ffImminent Doom|r (debuff): do not touch orb more than 4 times in a row (stack)

|cff3ec5e9Void Ritual|r (zone):

G1: |cffc31d39Silex|r ; |cffc59a6cAgos|r ; |cffc31d39Santôn|r

G2: |cff006fdcSweggy|r ; |cffa9d271Calsportal|r ; |cff006fdcElementx


BL on pull

|cffff00ffDark Reconstitution|r (debuff): |cffff0000|cffffff00|cffffff00|cffffff00|cffffff00|cffff0000|cffff0000|rboth bosses have to die in a 10 second-window

|cffc59a6cVolatile Erruption|r (add): everyone stack on bosses and nuke it down ; cleave bosses

|cffa9d271Aquir Darter|r (add): cc them and bring them to bosses ; nuke them down asap right after


Echoing Void |r(zone): spread 4+ yards !

|cff00ffffMind Numbing Nova |r(cast): interrrupt !

|cffc59a6cSpawn Acidic Aquir)|cfffefefe|r (add): do not stand next to eggs and dodge rolling adds at all costs ; do not stand in pools after (HC only)

|cffc59a6cAquir Ravager |r(add): to be tanked ; everyone nuke it asap

|cffc59a6cVolatile Eruption|r (add): everyone switch to ; nuke it asap when below 20% hp

Shad´har the Insatiable

BL + Potion + CDs in P3 (30%)

|cffff00ffCrush / Dissolve |r(debuff): taunt off each other ; one takes Crush, the other takes Dissolve ; 2 casts in a row, but only with defensive cd up

All phases

do not leave encounter space (do not get into water)

|cff3ec5e9Living Miasma |r(fixate): move away from raid as far as possible due to high raid wide dmg (HC only)

|cffff00ffDebilating Spit|r (debuff): spot heal on afflicted players asap

|cffc59a6cBreath |r(cone): do not get hit at all costs


|cff3ec5e9Umbral Eruption|r (zone): spread loosely in the room and dodge it


|cffc59a6cEntropic Breath|r (cone): spread loosely

|cff3ec5e9Entropic Buildup|r (orb): soak it !



Bubbling Overflow|r|r (zone): everyone stack behind the boss at the edge of the room, do not stand in the path of the bosses movement


BL + Potion + CDs after two adds near the boss are dead

|cffff00ffVolatile Seed |r(debuff): taunt after each cast ; debuff should expire on adds

|cffff00ffVoid Grip|r (debuff): one tank has always to be within melee range



Void Infused Ichor|r (buff): pick up orbs from dead adds to damage boss (Aberrant Regeneration) (1 min cd ; HC only)

|cff3ec5e9Void Glare|r (beam): dodge at all costs !

|cffff00ffMutterings of Insanity|r (debuff): when afflicted move away from allies asap

Appendages Adds

|cff3ec5e9Reality Tear|r (zone): do not get hit by zone traveling from tentacle

|cffc59a6cMaw|r (add): spread 4 yards to not get hit by Acid Splash (do not get into 10 yard-range at all costs)

|cffa9d271Eye|r (add): interrupt |cff3ec5e9Mindflay|r and dodge |cff3ec5e9Falling Gore|r swirlies

|cffc59a6cTentacle|r (add): priority for melees ; los effect (HC only)

|cffc59a6cTentacle|r-group: |cffc59a6cAgos|r ; |cffa22fc8Becia|r ; |cff006fdcSweggy|r ; |cff00fe95Fingerplay|r

Il´gynoth, Corruption Reborn

BL + Potion + CDs after all 3 organs are dead

|cff3ec5e9Eye of N´Zoth|r (cast): do not let beam hit the raid


|cffff00ffCorruptor´s Gaze|r (beam): kite the beam into low-traffic areas ; silence effect when standing in

|cffff00ffTorch of the Corruptor|r (cc): on a timer ; 2 random non-tank players are being charmed for 1 min ; debuff is removed when afflicted players are brought to 40% hp ; range dps have to switch instantly ; melees should watch out ; players have to be healed up and dispelled instantly (HC only)


|cffc59a6cOrgan of Corruption |r(at the edges of the room): switch to organs and kill it asap


Pumping Blood|r (cast): interrupt at all costs (|cffc31d39Silex|r: |cffff0000Red|r ; |cfff38bb9Dothos|r: |cff0000ffBlue|r)

|cffff00ffCursed Blood|r (debuff): move away from allies and spread at all costs

|cffc59a6cBlood of Ny´alotha|r (add): kite, cc and kill asap (high priority all the time)

|cffff00ffRecurring Nightmare |r(debuff): dispell afflicted players asap


BL + Potion + CDs in P3


|cff3ec5e9Twilight Breath|r: face the boss away from the group

|cffff00ffDespair|r (debuff): tank has to be healthy all the time (this will reduce raid-wide damage)

|cffc59a6cVoid Ascendant|r (add): to be faced away from the group, when |cff3ec5e9Annihilation|r (cast) is about to happen ; to be faced towards |cffc59a6cCultist|r adds

|cffff00ffGift of the Void|r (debuff): tanks have to pick up the orb to reset stacks via |cff3ec5e9Annihilation Extra Action Button


|cffff00ffEncroaching Shadows |cfffefefe(debuff): everyone has to be loosely spread to avoid splash damage|r

|cffc59a6cRitual|r (add): interrupt asap and kill it

|cffc59a6cSinister Soulcarver|r (add): free from all root and slow effects ; interrupt cast and nuke it asap


|cff3ec5e9Twilight Decimator |r(breath): keep an eye on the boss and dodge it

continue to interrupt and kill |cffc59a6cCultist|r adds

|cffff00ffEncroaching Shadows|r (debuff): continue to put zones in low-traffic areas


|cffff00ffTerrifying Presence|r (debuff): stay within 6 yards of another

|cff3ec5e9Heart of Darkness|r (cast): move at last 20 yards from the boss asap

|cffff00ffEncroaching Shadows|r (debuff): continue to put zones in low-traffic areas ; but do not run alone

|cffff00ffDesolation|r (debuff): on a random target ; 50% slow effect but also huge raid-wide damage ; all soak this ! (HC only)


BL + Potion + CDs in P2


|cffc59a6cNullifying Strike|r (attack): tanks should taunt off one another after each strike

|cff3ec5e9Essence of Vita / Void|r (orb): alternating ; need to be killed at all costs (Vita -> Void -> Vita -> Void)

Vita Empowered

|cffff00ffUnstable Vita|r (debuff): ranged players without VE bounce debuff behind the raid (marks)

|cffc59a6cCrackling Stalker|r (add): kill it asap

Void Empowered

|cff3ec5e9Instability Exposure|r (zone): a single player without IE soaking the Unstable Void missile whilst facing the next missile towards an ideal location

|cffff00ffUnleashed Void|r (debuff): healing absorb to be gone asap

|cffc59a6cVoid Hunter|r (add): kill it asap

|cffff00ffVoid Collapse|r (debuff): all stack on the player targeted and soak together !



Decaying Strike |r(attack): tanks should be 50% or lower when hit

|cffff00ffRuin|r (debuff): all stack near the boss !

|cff3ec5e9Void Erruption|r (zone): dodge the zones before returning back to the boss

|cffff00ffCharged Bond|r (debuff): move away from your chained partner

|cffff00ffLingering Energies|r (debuff): kill the boss before it gains too much stacks

Carapace of N´Zoth

BL + Potion + CDs in P3

All phases

keep your |cff3ec5e9Sanity|r as high as possible

use your |cff3ec5e9Extra Action Button|r (Cloak) on cd !

|cffff00ffBlack Scar|r (debuff): taunt off of one another when debuff dropps ; usually after 2 |cff3ec5e9Mandible Slaim|r casts

|cffff00ffMadness Bomb|r (debuff): spread 10+ yards from allies when afflicted

|cffffff00Fragment of Sanity|r (absorb): damage through Adaptive Membrane asap to gain it


|cffc59a6cGrowth-Covered Tentacle|r: avoid the slam at all costs ; kill off |cffa9d271Horrific Hemorrhages|r asap right after

|cffc59a6cAdaptive Antigen|r (add): cc and kill them off asap after tentacles despawn

|cffa9d271Gaze of Madness|r (add): DO NOT interrupt at all ! ; just kill it asap (HC only)


|cffc59a6cSynthesis Growths|r: follow path (left -> right) ; kill them off asap ; use |cff3ec5e9Extra Action Button|r (Cloak) after left path ; after both paths are done, jump down and damage Fury


|cffc59a6cThrashing Tentacle|r: dodge the slam at all costs ; marked by shadows before

|cffff00ffInsanity Bomb|r (debuff): all targeted players spread at all costs

|cffc59a6cNightmare Antigen|r (add): wait with damage until Adaptive Membrane buff has expired

|cff3ec5e9Infinite Darkness|r (zone): move away from the zone asap (use movement speed here) ; move in a single direction all together (HC only

N´Zoth, the Corruptor

BL + Potion + CDs in P3

keep your |cff3ec5e9Sanity |ras high as possible

use your |cff3ec5e9Extra Action Button|r (Necklace) to regain |cff3ec5e9Sanity|r on call

P1 Mind Realm (start) (all downstairs)

Psychus: tank it near |cffa9d271Exposed Synapses|r for 50% damage buff per stack

|cff3ec5e9Anguish|r (zone): move Psychus along the edge of the room to place zones in ideal locations

|cffa9d271Exposed Synapses|r (tentacle): damage it when Psychus is near ; highest priority !

|cffff00ffProbe Mind|r (debuff): stay spread for 5 yards

P2 (start) (all upstairs)

|cffff00ffShattered Ego|r (debuff): nuke it as hard as possible whilst N´Zoth is afflicted


Corrupted Neurons|r (zone): damage it asap to clear the path from wall to the boss

|cff3ec5e9Mindgrasp|r (cast): stand very next to the boss (1) OR stand near the edges of the room (2)

|cffff00ffParanoia|r (chain): spread out before ; get to your chained partner asap and do not cross other people´s path -> use your necklace now !


|cffc59a6cBasher Tentacle|r (add): has to be tanked ; all damage it

|cffa9d271Corrupted Mind |cfffefefe(add): interrupt and kill it off asap|r


Spike Tentacle (|cfffefefeadd|r): lowest priority ; good for multi-dot and cleave damage

Downstairs (via Mindgate)

|cff3ec5e9Flames of Insanity|r (zone): dodge the red swirly circles on the ground

|cffff00ffTread Lightly |r(debuff): avoid excessive movement when afflicted

G1: |cffa9d271Calsportal|r -> |cffc31d39Silex|r -> |cffa22fc8Becia|r -> |cffc31d39Santôn|r -> |cff006fdcElementx|r (interrupt rotation)

G2: |cff3ec5e9Achozen|r -> |cfff38bb9Dothos|r -> |cffc59a6cAgos|r -> |cff006fdcSweggy|r -> |cff00fe95Fingerplay|r (interrupt rotation)


continue to deal with |cffff00ffParanoia|r and |cff3ec5e9Mindgrasp|r

|cff3ec5e9Anguish|r (zone): everyone stack and move out in a single direction asap

|cffc59a6cHarvest Thoughts|r (add): high sanity players soak together ; kill it asap right after

|cff3ec5e9Stupefying Glare|r (beam): dodge these at all costs (4 beams in HC mode)

source (picture ; free accessibler): pixabay

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