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Patch 8.3 – Ny´alotha – World First Race (Complexity Limit World First N´Zoth, Method World Second) (08/02 ; 17:55)

Last updated on 8. Februar 2020

Hi guys,

sorry for this very late post but it´s just a very stressful time for me at the moment. Nevertheless, let´s just dive into current situation of the ongoing World First Race in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

N´Zoth must die on Mythic mode. There can only be one World First !

Favorite streams


Deepshades (Warlock ; Method EU)

Nexxzz (Guild Lead / Raid Lead ; Aversion DE)

Maximum (Guild Lead / Raid Lead ; Complexity Limit US)





Current state: 08/02 (17:55)

  • as everyone could probably think of, there is the World Second kill of N´Zoth by Method
  • even though they´re not the winners this time, the performance isn´t that bad in general
  • so, congratz to Method for still keeping up and not giving up, although it must be quite the pain right now, all the memes currently on the internet and stuff like that
  • it´s not an easy time right now, but that´s the situation right now: NO KING RULES FOREVER !
  • Shadowlands could become even more interesting, just due to current raiding scene !

  • so guys, I´m very sorry but I couldn´t write any stuff down before
  • so, yes, the hell seems to be quite frozen, as Complexity Limit grabs their World First KIll of N´Zoth Mythic
  • the last US WF kill was back then in Mists of Pandaria, Heart of Fear
  • so, what an incredible performance, which even Method raiders have to acknowledge a lot
  • I´ll give even insights, my own, in the next days, in a nutshell: this performance has just dominated the entire tier, so Method has to improve A LOT in Shadowlands to even get on the same level again, Scrype as coach like Maximum could be one of the first steps into the right direction at all
  • so hyped for Shadowlands, even for WF race now, as well !
  • Method should kill this boss tonight or tomorrow, I´d say in the evening !
  • such a good race so far, but there will be even a lot of improvement in the future !

  • ok, guys, there has been going on a lot
  • Limit could finally figure out, how N´Zoth has to be defeated, as they acutally just got an e-mail by Blizzard itself
  • you really have to get N´Zoth to 1.4 or 0% (we do not know exactly) to end this fight
  • there is no sort of another secret phase, so just this one visit to the Chamber of the Heart to fight one monster attacking
  • a lot of people seem a bit underwhelmed actually, I´m not a fan of this decision as well
  • Limit could get to 10.3% last night but the enrage timer is just so mean
  • nobody knows whether the gear will actually be sufficient to kill this boss or not, so there gonna be a lot of split raids happening in the next hours and over the entire day now
  • in addition,the echoing void nerf should have happened but Blizzard likes to postpone this hotfix until next Tuesday, probably, which is quite nice for all the guilds currently running against N´Zoth constantly
  • I´m so curious how Method will end up today, they seem to be a lot behind, not even kidding
  • let´s just wait and see !

  • wow, so many kills yesterday
  • gratz to my favorite guild „Aversion“ of Blackhand EU, my own server
  • so damn strong this tier and there is even more to go, even though they´re not daytime raiding yet
  • Complexity Limit: after their complete reclear Limit could even get to blow 30%
  • nevertheless there will be a very important hotfix today which also means a nerf to the echoing void corruption
  • it´s gonna be a very interesting reset day today !

  • so guys, finally a bit more time to write a bit down
  • Pieces is pushing hard so far, 11/12 now
  • Complexity Limit: approx. at 50% hp of N´Zoth
  • Method: approx. 73% hp of N´Zoth
  • Pieces: nobody knows, actually
  • Alpha could kill off Il´gynoth, as well as Aversion, what an excellent performance by both guilds
  • same for FatSharkYes and Exorsus
  • I´m so sure, there will be even more kills of Ilgy today, but, what is way more important, all guilds at 10/12 will be at N´Zoth tonight
  • Carapace isn´t that kind of a big deal, so here we go, today´s gonna be a good day !

  • sorry guys, it´s so stressful right now, I´m quite late with the latest information, but here we go
  • quite a lot has happened, actually
  • Complexity Limit could make it a bit further on N´Zoth as end boss but they kind of came in contact with a sort of a glitch, so Blizz had to reset the encounter for the entire NA region, what a blast, or probably not
  • Method could manage to kill off Carapace but they seem to be kind of stuck at the very early stages of N´Zoth, of course Limit could test out so much more, as they´ve even surpassed 100 tries
  • in the meantime Pieces which is not streaming, to surprise everyone in the end (?), could also down Il´gynoth, so they should be at 11/12 today, I´m quite about that
  • Aversion has stopped daytime raiding at all, so they only start in the evening, about 7 or 8 hours from now ; nevertheless their performance has been a dominance for all other guilds starting at world #4, I´m so damn proud but now their try limit will be way less in the upcoming days
  • my personal prediction for today: Pieces 11/12 ; Alpha 10/12 ; Exorsus and FatSharkYes 10/12, or probably tomorrow

  • after some heroic splits Method could finally down the damn ugly boy and are now fighting Carapace of N´Zoth, unless the lead of Complexity Limit still seems very huge
  • I´m also so proud to announce that „my“ favorite guild of the entire contest, Aversion, could even win the fight against Ra-den, let´s just go further !
  • just a brilliant race so far, nobody knows most of the mechanics of the last encounter, N´Zoth itself, so there is lots surprise just around the corner
  • when can we finally have a look at the very secret Mythic Only phase ? I just cannot wait !

  • Complexity Limit seem to be the king of this race, there is no doubt, no matter how much you support their competitors
  • there was a bug, so they could not down Carapace of N´Zoth, so they urged Blizzard to fix this
  • now, they´ve done it and are the first ones to confront N´Zoth itself, the end encounter of the entire expansion BfA
  • I´m so curious, Method has to down Il´gynoth asap, every minutes matters
  • just hope that N´Zoth means the actual blocking encounter which is so beyond in terms of difficulty !
  • this day´s not going to be lame, it´s just so damn intense, already !

  • fucking yes, Aversion´s just finished off Drest´agath
  • they have to fight Ra-den, the Despoiled to get to the very ugly Il´gynoth
  • very strong performance up to now, unfortunately they only plan to do daytime raiding until Sunday night
  • I just hope that there is way more to achieve
  • World #4 is just incredible strong, this cannot be the end
  • congratz to Nexxzz and his guys !

  • Limit could down Drest´agath a few hours before
  • they´re even in phase 3 on Carapace of N´Zoth, which is quite impressive, to be honest
  • Method´s still struggling against Il´gynoth, Corruption Reborn (approx. sub 50%, 3 organs down)
  • of course, we don´t know what really is appening regarding Pieces but Limit seems way ahead this time

  • only Complexity Limit and Method at 9/12 Mythic
  • 10 guilds which are currently fighting for World 3
  • due to the fact that I´m German I´m currently rooting for Aversion (Blackhand EU, my own server)
  • it´s just a very interesting race and there is no real chance to give any accurate prediction
  • as most of the guilds even stream today there´s going to be a short list of my favorite streams (especially for coverage at all)
  • keep on wachting Twitch, it´just too good to be true right now, seriously, lots of entertainment !

source (picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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